To the woman who bullied me.

Bullies exist in adults too, we just don’t talk about it.

In three years, I allowed you to outright bully me. Yes I allowed you too because I broke up with my anger years ago, so I did not fight back. In fact, worst of all I did nothing. Hoping you would wear down.

As I sit here thinking of all the cruel things you have said and done, the things you took from me/my husband/my children; I bet you don’t expect that I am smiling.

I am smiling because, in the end you have taught me so much. You may have broke me down, but you did not break me (even though I’m sure that is/was your goal) after all you are a bully.

You see, I realize everyone who has succumb to your behaviour was only part of your game. You wanted to destroy us. We rose above.

The truth is we all are/were adequate enough! You wished for destruction and received grace. You received grace not because of your actions, but because we have a will for life that allows us to build upon, not tear down.

I understand you and “The Game” you play. When you hoped I wasn’t paying attention, I seen the despair behind the anger.

My hope for you or any Bully is to be able to find your PEACE! Embrace life and all of its craziness.

I thank you for the lessons learnt. I thank you for reminding me of my strength that I forgot I possessed. I thank you for showing me, I have more people that stand with me;than against me. Thank you for giving me back the smile upon my face.

Keep Smiling everyone, and don’t let anyone dim your light!