To: The woman in the grocery store, yesterday on the hottest, humidex chart topping day of Summer we have had yet; we both shared something in common( “The toddler meltdown”, yes you know the meltdowns that takes place when there could not be more people around to witness our perfect children being in-perfect.) You were brave!

I know you wished no one had seen your little boy dump your basket of groceries all over the floor in the checkout line. I could feel the looks you were receiving and the murmurs and how you just wanted that moment to be over. I know because I had just witnessed my own child suffer a meltdown over a toy a mere 10 minutes before. You firmly said “pick it up”. You were not afraid to be the parent you are!

All of you Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, ANYONE who has had this happen and you handle it with grace, no matter how embarrassing the situation may be in the world of parenting experts at every turn; you deserve a round of applause.

Society today, seems to be we are supposed to be perfect, our children perfect, we say and do the right things. I don’t live there. I cant ! Were not, our kids are not. What they are is our biggest accomplishment. This woman even though I never seen you before and I may or may not again, you reminded me of all of these things. Let me say again, you were brave to be the parent you are when all eyes were on you.

Some days, we need the reminder, its ALL OKAY!