I wrote the Saint Andrews Top 10 originally for an article submission. A submission where they asked to write an article using only words to describe the top 10 reasons that would make the  reader want to come visit. What were your thoughts?

Now all of that being said, the article was sent back to me. Reason being it lacked “Remarkability” . Let me apologize if you felt the same, also apologize for anyone in town I may have missed. I did not miss you on purpose I promise! It was honestly a tough piece to write once I started and also had a maximum word count to adhere too. I know your probably thinking why would it be hard? Right? Well it was hard after number two, to think how am I ever going to fit all of my  top 10 picks into these many words. Well I simply couldn’t that is why I published it on here for all of you to read/share. Thank you to everyone who shared and you who read it. I hope it does spark curiosity if you have never been here to come experience this beauty for yourselves.

Let me offer up this: lets keep growing the list rather you are from here born & raised or one of our visitors who enjoyed your time here. I did create this article for you.

Until next time, dream of the salt air…..