The Journey into Wholeness

Stay-At-Home-Dad: What you think, may not be what it appears.

My Husband is a stay at home Dad. Are you shaking your head? Most likely. This term can be regarded as a positive thing, unfortunately though most times it rattles people even infuriates them. ” How do you let her be the breadwinner” gets thrown around ALOT.

This is not how it has always been in our household, I worked; my husband worked. We never seen each other let alone our children but for a mere 3 hours in the evening if luck was on our side. All while spending $420 per week on childcare, while someone else raised our children. I unconsciously would drop my girls off every morning  and watch my youngest cling to me sobbing mommy don’t go. If your a mother, you know how this feels; and then move onto work and worry about them until it…

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